A first look at Collabora/LibreOffice online (and a little bit of frustration)

Recently, I read a blog article by Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols about an initiative from Collabora, an “Open Source consulting” firm, OwnCloud, an Open Source Cloud solution and the well-known LibreOffice office suite (actually a fork of OpenOffice.org, which itself is a fork of StarOffice), to release an online version of LibreOffice. Finally!

Obviously, I was intrigued…

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Mandrake, Mandriva, Mageia, OpenMandriva… FOSS is FOSS!

Yesterday we learned that Mandriva, the company, was shutting down. I read a lot of sad comments on Twitter about it and realized that few of those guys seemed to be aware that actually Mandriva, the company, wasn’t doing a Linux distribution anymore for several years. The Mandriva Linux distribution, which earlier forked as PCLinuxOS, Mageia and others, is now OpenMandriva.

And as someone tweeted it, “FOSS is FOSS”. True!
That’s the power of FOSS that projects keep alive, and that’s the reason why I think that creating Mandrake Linux 17 years ago was not totally losing my time.

Now, we don’t have to be sad: we have pushed Linux to massive adoption and these have been awesome years! Now the Linux kernel is running millions smartphones worldwide, but the story is only starting! Let’s focus on today’s IT concerns: privacy and the Google hegemony. And a lot more fun stuff actually! Want to be part of it?

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A quick tour of OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 (Phosphorus)

This is a quick test of the OpenMandriva Lx 2014.0 (Phosphorus), focusing mostly on desktop and (my) hardware support.
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iOS7: Steve Jobs is dead, really dead now

When Apple is following the hype… A pictures is 1000 words, so here it is.

iOS7 screenshot

Do you wanna call someone from that?

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iPhone 6 preview…

Apple, if the iPhone 6 is looking like that, I think I’ll give you more Euros (after iPhone 1, 3G and 4…). But if you keep on releasing an horrible one like the iPhone 5 that is way TOO LONG (reminds me of some old Nokias…), I’ll give up with Apple and switch to Samsung.

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OpenMandriva foundation becomes fully independent

It’s been created as a non-profit organization (Association Loi de 1901). Read at h-online.

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Mandriva Linux Foundation: “OpenMandriva”

There is now a name for the Mandriva Linux Foundation, it’s OpenMandriva

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OGM, Monsanto : danger pour le vivant

Etude toute fraîche d’une équipe de recherche de l’Université de Caen : Un maïs OGM de Monsanto soupçonné de toxicité.

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Raspberry Pi + LEGO = Supercomputer

What else to say? All details on this page! raspberry-pi/lego supercomputer

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